Business Connect

custom-made for your business and budget, now and in the future

Our Business Connect plan provides the flexibility for you to give your individual users exactly what they need.  You maximise value by sharing UK minutes, texts and data.

Watch the video to see how Business Connect works.

Case study: EE at work with Digital Next

“The Business Connect plan means our business can remain flexible. We can add more people, phones, SIMs, Mobile WiFi and tablets whenever we need to.”

Justin Blackhurst, CEO, Digital Next

Watch the video to see how Digital Next use Business Connect from EE

Enabling international business

Business Connect also offers options for when you travel overseas too. A range of roaming add-ons for calls and texts are available, these can be shared so everybody can benefit whether they're abroad on business or taking a much deserved break.

Choice and flexibility

It's not only phones you can add to Business Connect. You can also add mobile broadband devices, tablets and even SIMs too.

There's also a choice of contract lengths so if you have a need for temporary workers, then our 30 day options are ideal.

controls for peace of mind

With Business Connect you're always in control. You can ‘allow’ or ‘block’ usage abroad, international and premium rate calls, and data in the UK on every device in your plan, all at the touch of a button with My EE.  

Additionally, Business Connect usage alerts let you know when you're about to hit your allowance and when you go over. Helping you to keep your costs down. Learn more >

inclusive mobileiron cloud

You can choose to add 5 free MobileIron licences to every Business Connect Plan. With this mobility management tool, you can keep your business information secure while your staff work on the go.

With an easy to use web interface, you can manage devices, mobile apps and content, keeping business information used on mobile devices protected.


more reasons to choose business connect

UK data, minute and text add-ons can be shared by everyone on your plan so you get better value.

Double Speed 4GEE as standard – share it with all types of devices your business needs. From phones to Mobile WiFi to tablets, all on one plan.

International call and text add-ons for use in Europe and USA plus the option to add further countries*

Flexible 30-day SIMs are perfect for temporary staff or short-term projects. Both voice and data SIMs available.

Need help to build your plan? Call 0800 956 6149

Lines are open Monday-Friday 9am-7pm. Closed weekends.

How fast is double speed 4GEE?**

  • Download a big file (540MB)

    EE's 3G: 25 minutes
    4GEE: 8 minutes
    Double speed 4GEE: 4 minutes

  • Download a presentation (5MB)

    EE's 3G: 12 seconds
    4GEE: 4 seconds
    Double speed 4GEE: 2 seconds

  • Upload a video to YouTube (140MB)

    EE's 3G: 10 minutes
    4GEE: 4 minutes
    Double speed 4GEE: 2 minutes

  • Terms and conditions

    * Additional countries can be added at a cost, these include Australia, Canada, China, India, Israel, New Zealand, Pakistan and Turkey.

    ** Doublespeed 4GEE: Based on EE test data, 2013 Average download speeds: EE's 3G: 3-6MB/S, 4GEE: 12-15MB/S. Double Speed 4GEE 24-30MB/S.  Selected areas; check Speed depends on location and number of users.  Just how fast your 4G will be depends on where you are and how many other people are using 4G too. Average 4G speeds 12-15 Mbps: EE test data 2013.