Change your Home Broadband, Home Phone and EE TV contact details

This page tells you how to update your Home Broadband, Home Phone and EE TV details. So if you’ve changed your phone number or email address, or want to opt out of EE emails, you’re in the right place.

How to change your contact details 

We’ll need to send you the odd text or email about your broadband service, for example when your bill is ready to view online. 

To keep your contact details up-to-date, you can change your details in My EE

Log in and click Change details from the menu if you’ve got a new number or email address.  

How to change your address

If you’re moving home, you can take EE Broadband with you

Or you can change your billing and payment address but keep the broadband where it is (for example, if you’re paying the bill for a family member or friend). Just log in and click Change payment details.

How to opt out of marketing emails from EE

If you’d rather not hear from us, just log in to your online profile management page

Then just edit the Receive emails from EE option.

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