Manage your home broadband, home phone and EE TV account online

Your Account lets you check your account details, view bills and calls and make changes to your service.

Log in to your account

  1. Go to the MANAGE YOUR ACCOUNT log in page
  2. Enter your Home Broadband account username and password

  3. You chose these when you first registered for broadband and we sent them in an email to your preferred email address
  4. Click LOG IN
  5. You'll be taken to the Manage Your Account home page

For more help see our guide Log in to your broadband account.

Your Account home page

Once you've logged in, you'll see the MY EE - HOME BROADBAND home page.



From MY BILLS you'll find:

  • Latest bill - your latest bill
  • All bills - up to 12 months of previous bills
  • Recent usage - itemised calls you've made since your last bill on your Home Phone service

For help viewing your bill and Home Phone usage, see our guides below:



From MY PAYMENTS you can:

  • Make a payment - explains how to use our payment line to pay an outstanding balance on your account
  • Set up a regular payment - lets you enter new credit or Direct Debit details and automatically pay your broadband bill each month
  • Change payment details - lets you change from credit card to Direct Debit, and update your payment details if you've changed your bank, or your credit card is about to expire



From MY PROFILE you can:


From MY HOME BROADBAND you'll find:

  • Norton security software - links to download Norton 360 and Norton Family security software
  • Your broadband speed - shows the speed we estimated for your line
  • Can I get Fibre Broadband - links to the broadband availability checker so you can check if Fibre Broadband is available in your area
  • Change your broadband plan - shows new packages you can upgrade to
  • Broadband help - a link to our Home Phone help guide



From MY HOME PHONE you'll find:

Bills and recent usage for Home Phone can be found under MY BILLS.



From MY EE TV you'll find link to:

  • Find out more about EE TV - a link to our EE TV pages
  • Upgrade to EE TV - lets you change your package online
  • EE TV help - a link to our EE TV help guides

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