Manage your home broadband, home phone and EE TV account online

You can check your account details, view bills and calls and make changes to your service using your account online. To do this:

Log in to your account

  1. Go to the Manage your account log in page.
  2. Enter your Home Broadband account username and password and select Log in.

  3. You'll be taken to the Manage your account home page - if you need help see our guide log in to your broadband, home phone and EE TV account.

From your account, you'll find:

My bills

From My bills you can view your bill online and see your recent usage for Home Phone.

For help viewing your bill and Home Phone usage, see our guides below:

My payments

From My payments you can change your payment details and pay an outstanding balance on your account.

For more help, see our guide paying your home broadband, home phone and EE TV bill.

My profile

From My profile you can change your personal details, tell us if you're moving home, track your order and more.

My Home Broadband

From My Home Broadband you can download your Norton security software, see information to help with the speed of your connection and change your broadband plan.

My Home Phone

From My Home Phone you'll find a link to our help guide on calling plans and features. You can also change your home phone plan.

Tip: bills and recent usage for Home Phone can be found under My bills.


From My EE TV you'll find link to:

  • find out more about EE TV - a link to our EE TV pages
  • upgrade to EE TV - lets you change your package online
  • EE TV help - a link to our EE TV help guides

More help

For more help with your broadband, Home Phone and EE TV service, see one of our pages below:

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