Wireless charging – why you’ll never go back

19 September 2017

It’s official: tangled phone chargers and threadbare USB cables are finally a thing of the past – and the future is gloriously wireless.

Whether it’s getting online, listening to our favourite tunes or sending documents to a printer, cumbersome cables are steadily being scrapped – making our lives a whole lot tidier in the process. And now, smartphones are taking the same anti-cable mindset, with Apple’s iPhone 8 and iPhone X at the forefront of wireless charging. Just plonk your device down on a charging pad and let that Apple magic do the rest.

‘Qi’ charging is fast becoming the industry standard, with Mophie’s wireless charging base leading the way. Optimised for iPhone, it’ll instantly recognise which device you’ve placed on the unit and charge at the correct wattage – making sure you’re topped up at the fastest possible speed. Pretty cool, right?

Aside from the tangle-free top-ups, there are plenty of awesome reasons why wireless charging is the future. Intrigued? We don’t blame you. Here’s why once you’ve gone wireless, you’ll never want to go back.

Charge multiple devices at the same time
Ever been caught short with several gadgets running low on juice and just the one plug socket? This is where wireless charging really comes into its own. Just plug in a larger-sized charging base, pile your devices on, and they’ll start charging on contact; all at the same time. You’ll never have to make that tough choice between charging your smartphone or your tablet ever again.

Top up wirelessly anywhere
The days of sheepishly asking to use a plug socket at your local café are over. Restaurants, cafés, airports and hotel chains are all introducing wireless charging mats in their branches, with McDonald’s, Starbucks and Premier Inn already on board. If you’re out and low on battery, just look out for the Qi logo on stores – or fire up the Aircharge Qi app to find your nearest charging station. Industry insiders are predicting that wireless charging will soon end up as readily available as WiFi.

Scrap the charger altogether
In case you needed any further proof that wireless charging is the future, IKEA have starting building the tech into some of their furniture! Yep, you read that right.Let’s face it, most of us plug in our devices and plonk them on our bedside table when we go to sleep at night. So how about a mega-cool, 100% tangle-free bedside table with a charging pad built in? Or a cool, Scandi-style desktop lamp with a wireless pad in its base? Genius. Wake up with all of your devices fully topped up and ready for the day, without actually doing anything. Wireless chargers are already making their way into new cars, too. BMW offers it as standard in its 6 and 7 series, meaning you can top up your tablet and smartphone on your journey into work.

It’s fast becoming the industry standard
The epic new world of wireless charging isn’t just limited to the iPhone 8 and iPhone X. Other popular smartphones adopting these futuristic superpads include the Samsung Galaxy S8, Google’s Nexus 4, and a range of smartwatches including the Apple Watch Series 3, the LG Watch Style and the Moto 360. These guys are the early adopters, and the new iPhone’s use of wireless charging means it’s likely to become the industry standard pretty quickly.

Dozens of ways to charge wirelessly
If you’re tied into a contract and can’t upgrade to a new Qi-friendly handset just yet, don’t fret. Zens has come up with an incredibly clever charging case for the iPhone 6. Just slot your phone in the cover and it becomes fully compatible with any wireless charging pad – and gets extra protection from all those nasty bumps and scratches. Zens have come up with all manner of bonkers and brilliant wireless charging solutions – wireless pads to fit into your furniture, in-car chargers, chargers with speakers to pump out your favourite tunes, and even tasteful charging racks fashioned from wood for an ultra-classy look.

It’s good for the planet
Because wireless charging is quickly becoming the universal standard, it means no more fumbling around with a bag full of different chargers for different devices. One size fits all. Just plonk them all down on your charging pad together, whatever logo is stamped on the side. Switching to one charger means manufacturers will drastically cut the number of cables and chargers being made – and the number we lose or throw away. In turn, that’ll reduce the negative impact all those obsolete chargers have on the environment. Good for the planet AND hugely convenient… what more could you want from the next generation of chargers?

Itching to become an early adopter? Find out more about Mophie’s wireless charging base...

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