How we contact you

If you've received a call from EE, Orange or T-Mobile, you may occasionally need to call us back.

We use several different numbers to contact our customers - these include numbers from departments such as Customer Services, Collections, Business, Sales etc.

If you think you've been contacted by us, you can check the table below to ensure the number is an authentic EE, Orange or T-Mobile phone number.

If you do need to call us back then please refer to the Contact Us section. 

The information below the table shows how much it costs if you call the number back (once your call is connected).

Please note: The total cost of calling each number (per minute) will be the Service Charge + the applicable Access Charge (this will vary according to whether you're on a pay monthly or pay as you go plan, calling on mobile or landline etc).

If an EE representative has called you directly using the number 07973 100194, you will not be able to call back on that number - please contact Customer Services on 150.

Number  Area/Department
 08454122711  Sales
 Customer Service
 08454122744  Broadband

What it will cost you to call the above numbers

Service Charge (Per minute) - 10p (inc VAT) / 7p (ex VAT) plus the applicable Access Charge below:

  • Access Charge calling from EE pay monthly mobile (Per minute) - 50p (inc VAT) / 42p (ex VAT)
  • Access Charge calling from EE pay as you go mobile (Per minute) - 44p (inc VAT) / 37p (ex VAT)
  • Access Charge calling from EE landline) (Per minute)- 11p (inc VAT) / 9p (ex VAT)
  • Access Charge for EE Small Business customers (Per minute) - 44p (inc VAT) / 37p (ex VAT)


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