What happens on the day my number moves to EE?

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Once you’ve told us you want to transfer your number from your old network to your new EE plan, it’s plain sailing!

How will I know when my number’s been transferred?

How will I know when my number’s been transferred?

The transfer will happen between 05:00 and midnight so we’ll send you two texts over the course of the day:
  1. 1

    to let you know we’ve started the transfer

  2. 2

    to let you know it’s finished

You might not be able to use your SIM for a few hours. 

Keep turning your phone on and off if you do experience disruption.

If you use picture messaging, send one to be able to receive them again.

If you’re using another service provider's phone with your EE SIM, please check with them to make sure it’s unlocked.

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