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Find out how to stay connected when you have limited mobile network coverage.

Reasons for signal issues

Reasons for signal issues

Your signal or reception can be affected by various issues, including the following:

  • the building you’re in (e.g. a basement) or if it has thick walls
  • your location, if you’re in a tunnel or in the mountains 
  • your distance from a mobile mast  
  • your phone’s antenna  
Other ways to make calls

You can use Wifi Calling to make calls or send texts whenever you're connected to WiFi - even if there's no phone signal. 

How can I fix bad reception or signal?

How can I fix bad reception or signal?

Use our Mobile Coverage and Network Status Checker to help you if your phone has no signal.

With the tool, you can:

  1. see if there’s a known problem in your area

  2. report a problem

You can also try turning your phone off and on again to see if that helps you connect to the network, or get in touch by calling us from another phone.

Get alerts about signal in your area

Get alerts about signal in your area

Our Mobile Coverage and Network Status Checker includes My Places – an innovative feature that lets you receive network updates for your most important locations.

Choose the five places most important to you (like your local area or the home of someone you love), save the postcodes, and we’ll automatically email or text you about any planned maintenance or known problems in those areas.

> Manage your My Places

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