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Can I enter a competition more than once?

You can enter our competitions as many times as you like. Find out more in the terms and conditions of the individual competition pages. 


How do I find out if I'm a winner?

If you’re the lucky winner, you’ll be contacted directly by the prize distributor. 


Why do I have to give you my details to enter?
We need your details to let you know if you’re a winner. By submitting your details in our competitions, you agree to allow EE to process your data in accordance with our privacy policy. Find out more about the EE privacy policy.


Is there a cash alternative to the prizes on offer?
Prizes are not transferable, and no cash or other alternative is available. 


I work for EE – can I still enter?
Sadly not – EE Rewards competitions are open to all UK residents aged 18 or over except employees of any company or organisation associated with the prize draw (including EE and BT group companies).

Ways to earn rewards

Ways to earn rewards

What if I'm already signed up with Airtime Rewards/WeAre8?

No problem, you’ll be able to view your balance within EE Rewards and request to redeem any available balance to your EE account.


How long until credits show on my bill?
Credits will be applied to your EE account within 24 hours of requesting to redeem them from WeAre8 and Airtime Rewards. For pay monthly customers this will be reflected on your next bill. For pay as you go customers, credits will be applied to your top-up balance. Credits cannot be exchanged for cash.

Find out more about Airtime Rewards redemptions.


WeAre8 Terms & Conditions

Third party terms apply to credit to bill services.
For WeAre8 a £1 minimum balance is required to credit to bill and incoming funds can take approximately 30 days to become available in your WeAre8 account.


Airtime Rewards Terms & Conditions
For Airtime Rewards a minimum £10 balance is required to credit to bill. You will need to associate your credit or debit card with your Airtime Rewards account in order to earn rewards on qualifying purchases. Transactions may take up to 14 days to appear in your Airtime Rewards account in a pending status. Airtime Rewards' terms apply.Hyperlink: How often do you add new partners?
Airtime Rewards and WeAre8 add new brands to their services frequently – keep checking back with Airtime Rewards and WeAre8.


My rewards aren’t showing/my Pot’s disappeared
There may be a problem accessing your data. Try refreshing the page or check again later.

For more information on Airtime Rewards redemptions, please visit


Will my data be used/sold on by other companies?
Please review the privacy policy for each of our partners for details. 


Need help with Airtime Rewards app?

As Airtime Rewards is an app outside of EE you’ll need to contact Airtime Rewards support if you need any help. Just look under ‘More’ in the app. 


Need help with WeAre8 app?

As WeAre8 is an app outside of EE you’ll need to contact WeAre8 support if you need any help. Just tap the little cog icon and select ‘Get in touch’.

Discounted vouchers

Discounted vouchers

Where do I find all my vouchers?
To see all your vouchers, go to EE Rewards in the EE app menu, go to the Vouchers section, and tap the ‘saved vouchers' tab - you'll see a list of all the vouchers you've bought, their value, and their expiry dates.


How do I find the balance on my vouchers?
Please contact the retailer directly to find out the remaining balance on a voucher.


Can I spend part of a voucher?
Yes – you can spend part of a voucher, up to the full value of the voucher.

Please note: Some retailers may have a minimum voucher spend.


I’ve spent a voucher – but it is still showing?
All vouchers will still show in your saved vouchers tab if they're within the expiry date of the voucher. You'll need to check with the partner directly regarding any remaining balance.


How do I save a voucher?
Go to the vouchers section of EE Rewards, tap the 'saved vouchers' tab, tap ‘Use’. You’ll be taken to the retailer’s website, and you will be given the option to copy it to your clipboard. From there you can save the PDF in your usual place.

Please note: any data you use to download your vouchers will be taken from your usual EE allowance.


Why can't I buy any vouchers?
There are several reasons why you may be unable to buy vouchers:

1. If you're a pay monthly customer, you may have reached your current credit limit. You can wait until your next bill or discuss your credit limit with us – go to ‘Help’ in the bottom navigation bar of your EE app, select Get in touch > Call us.
2. Your account may be barred from purchasing from third parties. To remove the bar, text UNBAR to 150.
3. If you’re a pay as you go customer, you may not have enough credit to cover the purchase. Top up your EE credit via your usual method.
4. You may have reached your Spend Cap limit. If so, any attempts to add charges to your EE bill will fail. The limit will be reset on your next bill date.


What do I do if my voucher has expired?
Please ensure you use your vouchers before their expiry date, which you can see in the ‘saved vouchers’ tab in EE Rewards. Vouchers are not valid beyond their expiry date.


How often do you add new retailers?
We review our voucher range every few months – keep an eye on EE Rewards.


Can I get a refund on the vouchers I've bought?
Please check the terms of all vouchers before you purchase – some vouchers are non-refundable. 


I'm leaving EE – can I still use my vouchers?
If you're planning to leave EE, you'll need to download your vouchers before you close your account. Go to the vouchers section of EE Rewards, tap the 'saved vouchers' tab, tap ‘Use’. You’ll be taken to the retailer’s website, and you will be given the option to copy it to your clipboard. From there you can save the PDF in your usual place.

Please note: data used to download vouchers will be taken from your usual allowance.


How will my bill display the vouchers I've bought?
Your voucher charges will be displayed in the ‘One-off charges’ section of your EE bill, and will appear as ‘Retailer brand name Vchr’ - for example ‘Costa Vchr’.

Note: Your bill will show the price you paid for the voucher, including any discount, rather than the retail value of the voucher itself. So, for example, a £5.00 voucher purchased with a 5% discount will show as a £4.75 charge on your bill.

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