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If there is any difference between the pricing shown in these price guides and the pricing shown elsewhere (for example on our website, in advertising or in our stores) the pricing in these guides will take precedence.

Please note: charges for roaming in Europe and certain service numbers may no longer be up to date in price guides listed below.

From 15 June 2017, EU roaming usage will be deducted from your UK allowances. For any out of bundle calls you will be charged the same or less than the standard UK rate for that usage type. Please see either roaming charges or charges for calling non-geographic numbers.

These are the details of our current and old pay as you go plans.

When you first join us on pay as you go, you'll automatically join our Everyday plan.

You can then choose to move to our Talk or Text plans either by texting the appropriate shortcode to 146 (TEXT or TALK MONTH); by calling 146 for free and following the instructions; or via My EE.

If you need any more information about pay as you go plans, contact us.

Charges for calling 070, 08, 09 and 118 numbers  

Please note: charges to certain service numbers may no longer be up to date in price guides listed below. For current charges, view our Help article on charges for calling non-geographic numbers.

Currently available plans

Currently available plans

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