How do I avoid international roaming charges?

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Use the checklist below to see what you should check before you travel and also find out how to enable or disable roaming on your device.

What should I check before travelling?

What should I check before travelling?


    check if your device is set up for roaming by texting ROAMING to 150


    check the roaming costs for the countries you're visiting

    • go to our roaming costs calculator
    • if you're travelling within Europe to EU member states then you can use your allowances as you would at home with no extra charge
    • you’ll be charged a standard rate to use your phone outside of the EU - to access data, turn on data roaming in your device settings

    make sure your phone connects automatically to 4G when you're in the EU by checking your device is set to Automatic Network Selection

    • for help with this choose your device within our Phones & Devices guides and select Connectivity > Selecting Network
Where are you travelling to?
Find out how much it'll cost to use your phone abroad:
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If you’re travelling to Greece or Cyprus

You can use your plan minutes, texts and data allowances at no extra cost. However, during your stay you might connect to a Turkish network. As Turkey is outside of the EU, should this happen, you’II be charged to make and receive calls and send texts and picture messages.

You can prevent this from happening by only allowing your phone to connect to EU networks. To activate EU Roaming only text EUROAM to 150.

How do I enable or disable roaming?

How do I enable or disable roaming?

Check your device is set up for roaming:

Text ROAMING to 150.

You’ll find data roaming options in the mobile data settings of your device:

  1. 1

    choose your phone on our Phones & Devices guides

  2. 2

    select Connectivity > Data usage > Turning data roaming on or off

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