How do I protect myself from malware, spyware and viruses?

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Malware isn't restricted to computers - you can get it on your phone or tablet too. 

What is malware, spyware and viruses?

What is malware, spyware and viruses?

Malware is malicious software that's used to harm your computer, steal personal information or gain access to private computer systems or mobile devices.

Malware can include viruses, spyware and adware. It can appear in many forms including code, scripts and active content so it's important to keep vigilant.

How do I avoid getting malware?

How do I avoid getting malware?


    install a firewall: a firewall is software that acts as a safety barrier between your device and the internet. It can protect your device from viruses and attacks by people trying to access your personal stuff


    install an anti-virus program: anti-virus software works hand-in-hand with your firewall. It checks anything that's been allowed through the firewall to make sure it's safe and doesn't contain any viruses

Other things you can do to keep your device safe:
  1. always install the latest software updates

  2. back up all your important information from your computer - put it on a CD, portable hard drive or online in the cloud

  3. don't open unknown files or photos attached to emails unless you’re very sure where they’ve come from 

What is Ramnit malware?

What is Ramnit malware?

Ramnit malware is a virus that affects Microsoft Windows.

If you've already got anti-virus software installed, the good news is that it's unlikely that the Ramnit virus will have affected your device. However for peace of mind we recommend you run a scan with your anti-virus software to double check.

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