EE mobile signal problems

Check for problems in your area and check your device

Your poor reception or signal could be caused by a network problem in the area.

Check the mobile network

Next, check your device:

  1. Turn airplane mode on and off again
  2. Restart your phone
  3. Check you have the latest software
  4. Follow your device guide for more help

If you’re still having problems, report the problem to us.

Reasons for mobile signal problems

Your signal or reception can be affected by lots of things, including:

  • Being somewhere with thick walls and windows
  • Using an older device
  • More people using the network around you
  • Your distance from a signal mast
  • Being under thick tree cover
  • Bad weather

Use WiFi calling instead

WiFi calling lets you make and receive calls and texts using WiFi, without needing your mobile network.

To turn on WiFi calling, use our helpful guide to find out how it's done on your device.

    If you need help connecting to a WiFi connection, use our Connecting to a WiFi network guide.

    Get network problem alerts for your important places

    Get alerts of network problems for up to 5 important places. Go to our Mobile Coverage and Network Status Checker and enter your mobile number under Manage your saved locations.

    We’ll let you know when the network is down, when we’re making improvements, and when we expect it to be fixed.

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