Picture breaking up on TNT Sports

Check the network and test your home connection

Check if there's a problem with your broadband that's causing issues with TNT Sports channels.

If you've got Hybrid Connect (4G connection when broadband's down), some EE TV channels like TNT Sports will not work. Instead, you can watch on the discovery+ app.


Check your broadband

Check your EE TV set-up

EE TV uses a broadband connection to show TNT Sports, not an aerial like Freeview channels do.

Follow these steps to check how you've set up your TV and broadband:

  1. Try watching other TNT Sports channels or on demand (BBC iPlayer) to see if there's the same problem.
  2. Make sure your TV box and EE Hub (router) are connected using an ethernet cable (has yellow ends). Both Cat5e and Cat6 ethernet cables are compatible and available on the EE Shop.
  3. Make sure you're using an EE Hub.
  4. Try to use the HDMI cable provided. If your TV does not have an HDMI port, move your SCART cable to another port.
  5. Check that alerts for picture quality are turned on. Go to Settings, TV Signal & Quality, and then Picture Quality Alert for Internet Channels.

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