How can I watch TNT Sports with EE?

How do I get TNT Sports?

Head to the EE shop on our app to get your discovery+ Premium (incl TNT sports) subscription using your debit or credit card.

Or, you can add discovery+ Premium (including TNT sports) to your plan as a chargeable standalone add-on:

  • Text SPORT to 150
  • or log in to EE or use the EE app
  • go to Menu > Plans, Inclusive Extras & add-ons
  • select Add-ons and follow the steps to add the pass to your plan

Or select TNT Sports as your Inclusive Extra if you have an eligible plan.

  • Text PICK to 150 and select TNT Sports
  • log in to EE or use the EE app
  • go to Menu > Plans, Inclusive Extras & add-ons
  • select Inclusive Extras and follow the steps to select the pass

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Is discovery+ included at no extra cost?

As a TNT Sports customer you’ll now also have access to discovery+ Premium at no additional cost for the duration of your TNT Sports subscription. Streaming exclusive originals, true crime, paranormal, documentary, and reality shows on smart TVs, smartphones, tablets, and connected devices such as Apple TV and Fire TV, discovery+ has something for everyone.

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How do I set up discovery+ including TNT Sport?

Need to know

If you’re using an Apple iPhone to activate discovery+, please go to Settings, then WiFi and turn WiFi off before you activate the service. We've also found it helps to use Google Chrome (instead of Safari).

If you joined us before 18 July 2023 and had an active BT Sports account


  1. Select Get started and follow the steps. You'll need to use your BT Sport login details (BT ID).
  2. Then select activate and you'll be taken to 'discovery+' to complete registration.
  3. Once activated, download the discovery+ app or visit to enjoy all that discovery+ has to offer.

Logging into the discovery+ app

You'll need to set up a BT ID before you can use the discovery+ app.

If you already have a BT ID we'll need to verify and activate it before you can use the discovery+ app. You'll need to remember your BT ID username. This will be the email address you used to set up your BT ID initially and your BT ID password.

During this process you'll need to move between your text messages, internet browser and your emails on your device to complete your BT ID activation.

If you're an EE mobile customer, to get started you'll need to:

  • text SPORT to 150

If you have Apple TV 4K with inclusive TNT Sport, you don't need to text us. We'll send you a text once your EE Broadband goes live.

You'll then need to follow these steps below to get set up:

  1. go to
  2. enter your EE mobile or tablet number and your postcode on the web page that opens up in your internet browser
  3. you’ll receive a PIN by text message to your device - enter the 4-digit PIN on the validation page in your browser and hit Continue
  4. enter your personal details including your address and a security question - you'll also need to use your BT ID email address
  5. once you've entered your details press Continue at the bottom of the form and you'll then see a summary of your information
  6. your BT ID email address will then be sent an activation request email and on this email click on Activate your BT ID now
  7. answer your security question on the web page that opens
  8. enter your BT ID username (your email address) and password
  9. a message will confirm your BT ID is now set up and ready to use
  10. download the discovery+ app in your device's app store and log in using your BT ID username and password to start watching
  11. visit and log in using your BT ID details and follow the steps to set up your discovery+ account
  12. download the discovery+ app in your device's app store or visit and log in using the username and password set up with discovery+

If you joined after 18 July 2023 or have not activated Sports

Go to

Select activate and you'll be taken to discovery+ to complete your registration.

Once activated, download the discovery+ app or visit to enjoy all that discovery+ has to offer.

How much does the TNT Sports add-on cost?

The TNT Sports add-on is £20 per month for access on multiple devices with TNT Sports Ultimate included.

The cost of the subscription will then be added to your monthly mobile bill and will appear as a separate line in the add-ons section of your bill. Note that you will not be charged until you have completed activation with discovery+.

If you have purchased a Full Works plan with iPhone 12 between 16 October 2020 and 15 January 2021, the discovery+ app is included in your plan on top of your three Inclusive Extras.

Please note: if you add the app in the middle of your monthly billing period, we'll only charge you for the remaining days in your billing month for the first month.

If you select the app as an Inclusive Extra but are currently paying for the app, the chargeable version will be removed and replaced with the Inclusive Extra version.

What content and channels are available?

The discovery+ app includes TNT Sports 1, TNT Sports 2, TNT Sports 3, TNT Sports 4.You'll get access to the best live sporting action from the following:

  1. discovery+ streaming Entertainment and Sport
  2. UEFA Champions League
  3. UEFA Europa League
  4. Barclays Premier League
  5. Aviva Premiership Rugby
  6. European Rugby Champions Cup
  7. MotoGP
  8. UFC
  9. many more

How do I cancel my TNT Sports subscription?

To cancel your TNT Sports add-on:

  • text STOP SPORT to 150


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