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Download the app to manage your subscriptions

Download the app to manage your subscriptions

Change or cancel your recurring subscriptions and update your payment card in the EE app.

Download the EE app

If you cannot access the app, call us on 0800 0790 062.

You can log in to the EE app at any time to buy and manage subscriptions. Subscriptions purchased using a debit or credit card are not linked to an EE device or broadband. 

Before you subscribe with us

Before you subscribe with us

Cancel any existing subscriptions that you have with the provider. If you already have a subscription purchased directly from the company and you want to switch over to EE, you’ll need to cancel it and buy it again through us.

EE subscription charges

EE subscription charges

Your charges will vary depending on the type and number of active subscriptions that you have. To view your subscription charges, visit Plans and subscriptions in the EE app.

When you buy a subscription from EE, you've paid to use it for the length of time specified, such as one month or one year. 

Get in touch on 0800 0790 062 if you need further support.

After a free trial

If you've had a free trial, your subscription will automatically roll into a paid-for subscription unless you cancel it. We'll remind you by email before this happens. 

How will a subscription appear on my card statement?

On your card statement you will see:

  • EE Ltd Subscriptions

You may see this multiple times, with different payment amounts, if you have more than one subscription from EE.

How to manage or cancel your EE subscriptions

How to manage or cancel your EE subscriptions

To view, manage or cancel your existing subscriptions:

  1. log in to the EE app
  2. select Manage
  3. select Plans and subscriptions

If you cancel your subscription during a free trial, you can continue using it for the entire trial duration. It will be cancelled when the free trial ends and you won’t be charged.

If you cancel your subscription of a free trial and repurchase the same subscription, you won’t be able to get the same trial again.

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