Keep colleagues connected and safe with Lone Worker

July 2014

Provided by leading lone-worker support specialist Guardian24, Lone Worker helps you protect staff who work alone.

More and more people in large organisations work alone. But they can be at risk of accident, assault or illness. Lone Worker from EE (powered by Guardian24) supports such workers and help you comply with legislation such as the Health and Safety Act 1974 and the Corporate Manslaughter and Corporate Homicide Act 2007.

Lone Worker solutions are specifically tailored to your organisation and your employees’ risk profile. The service can be used via a mobile phone or BlackBerry smartphone, Windows PDA or a specialist Lone Worker Device. It allows staff to log their whereabouts, leaving details of their location and how long they’re expecting to be there. If the activity overruns, Guardian24 will automatically call to check their safety. If Guardian24 can’t reach the worker, a nominated person or Alarm Receiving Centre will be notified of the overrun activity. A specific procedure will then be followed to verify their safety and location. If they feel unsafe in any way, your employee can discreetly press a dedicated key on their device to summon emergency assistance.

All Guardian24’s Lone Worker solutions offer a number of standard features to give you peace of mind:

  • Three levels of service to choose from
  • One-button emergency response through Red Alert and 24/7 access to Lone Worker specialists
  • Timed location alerts, so users can log in and say how long the job is likely to take
  • Regular location updates – staff’s devices can be tracked so you can locate them

Guardian24 provides support and guidance on risk assessment, policy review and development, Lone Worker monitoring, devices and SIMs, alarm response services, policy implementation and bespoke Lone Worker training, Lone Worker legal services and procurement. These services together form the Guardian24 Safety Circle.

Why we partner with Guardian24

Guardian24 is the leading public-sector provider of lone-worker support, with extensive experience of organisations just like yours. The Lone Worker service can be rolled out across an entire workforce, or distributed to a single employee. Lone Worker is available direct from EE, so you still deal with only one supplier. You get access to the web portal where you can view live user information and manage many aspects of your account.

To find out more about Lone Worker from EE, contact your EE account manager or call 0800 079 0854.