Calling abroad

Calling abroad on a Small Business plan

If you run a small business don't worry about calling internationally - we've made it even easier.

You have two choices:

1. You can either choose one of our Small Business plans below

2. Check out the prices how much it costs when calling or texting internationally

International minutes add-ons

Choose one of our small business plans

UK to and from EU and USA

180 minutes and 180 texts to call and text to and from the EU and USA for £7.50 a month (ex. VAT - 12 month contract).

UK to and from EU, USA and Business Zone countries

Get 300 minutes and 300 texts to and from the EU, USA and Business Zone Countries for just £40 (30 days - only on EE).

UK to any other country abroad

Get 100 minutes to the EU for just £8.33 (30 days, only on EE).

Using your phone while abroad

Check on costs for roaming outside the EU