FAQs to help you plan your trip abroad

    How do I get 4G abroad?

    Got the right handset? Then if you’re travelling to France or Spain you should connect automatically. If 4G coverage isn’t available, your phone will automatically switch to the local 3G or 2G network.

    If you can’t connect to 4G all you need to do is make sure 4G (sometimes called ‘LTE’) is enabled in your handset’s settings. This can be found within the Network Settings section. It should already be turned on (as the default setting is ON). The data roaming setting will also need to be ON to get the benefits of 4G.

    Where can I get 4G abroad?

    You can now access 4G services will you’re away from home in France and Spain. Just buy an inclusive data bundle and away you go.

     How do I know if I have 4G?

    4G or LTE will be displayed next to the coverage bars on your handset.

    Is the data add-on purchase experience the same as 3G?

    Yes – it is exactly the same, nothing changes, not even the cost.

    How can I check how much 4G data I've used?

    Just check the My EE app. Your total data usage will be measured but it won’t be split into 4G and 3G usage.

    Which 4G handsets will work abroad?

    All 4G handsets (with the exception of the iPhone 5) support three types of 4G Band, meaning they will work in most countries.