Keep track of my monthly usage

This article explains how to keep track of your mobile data, text or minutes use by app, text or online.

Keep track of your mobile usage

See how much of your monthly call, text or data allowances you’ve used.

Track monthly usage without logging in to EE

If you need to view your monthly usage quickly, go to when you're connected to the EE mobile network - you will need to turn-off WiFi - and get up-to-date information about your call minutes, text or data allowances. You can also see when your plan will refresh.

If your plan has unlimited allowances, for example on Pay Monthly plans with unlimited calls and text, we will only show you the allowance that has a monthly limit. 

Good to know, we’ll always text you to let you know when you’ve used 80% of your monthly usage allowance, and we'll text you again when you’ve run out.


If you need more data, texts or minutes:

Log in to or use the EE app and go to Home > Plans > Mobile and Add-ons. You can then buy add-ons to make sure you have enough data, texts or  minutes to see you through the month.

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