How do I get a multi-line discount?

When you add another plan to your account, you’ll get a Multi-Line Discount that rewards you with money off your bill each month.

How to get the Multi-Line discount?

Simply add another pay monthly SIM plan and we’ll take 30% off the additional plan every month.

Or we’ll take 10% off when you add another phone, tablet or laptop plan.

Plus, the discount continues as long as you continue to have more than one plan.

Who can get the Multi-Line discount?

Our Multi-Line Discount on every line added is only for existing customers or customers that are taking more than one plan out at the same time. To get it, you just need to add an eligible plan to your existing EE account. The following Multi-Line Discount savings are available:

  • 30% off Sim only plans, Data SIM plans and the Airtime plans taken with Flex Pay plans (device loan)
  • 10% on all pay monthly phones, tablets and laptops

The additional plan could be for you or for another family member.

What happens when I cancel a plan?

You must always have one plan on the account without a Multi-Line Discount - this is known as your qualifying plan. So, if you have just one discounted plan and you cancel the qualifying plan then the Multi-Line discount will end.

If you have a number of discounted plans and you cancel your qualifying plan, we'll remove the Multi-Line Discount from the oldest plan in your account.

Also, if you start receiving another type of discount on your qualifying plan for any reason, the Multi-Line discount saving on your additional plans will end too.

If we remove a Multi-Line Discount, we'll send a text message to let you know.

More about Multi-line discount

The Multi-Line Discount is taken off your monthly payment for the additional EE plan only and not any other costs such as out of bundle or roaming charges.

Any price increases will be based on the undiscounted monthly payment due.

We may withdraw any savings at any time on giving notice.

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