About the text service for pay monthly mobiles

This text service is for you to text keywords to 150 and easily access and manage your account when you can't get online. All texts sent to and from 150 are free of charge, whether you're in the UK or abroad.

General text services

Below is a list of keywords you can text to manage your pay monthly account.

ServiceText to 150
Find out your telephone numberNUMBER
Check your upgrade eligibilityUP
Control diverts to your voicemailVM DIVERT ON to turn it on
VM DIVERT OFF to turn it off
Control your Visual Voicemail service (Apple only)IPHONE VISUAL to turn it on
IPHONE VISUAL OFF to turn it off
Check unlock status of your Apple phoneUNLOCK
Check your level of insurance coverCOVER
Request a new multi-SIMSIM
Get a list of all text servicesHELP
Get a link to download the EE appAPP
Find out how to spot scam emails, calls and text messagesSCAM
To return a device or cancel a SIM purchased within the last 14 daysRETURN

Text services for balances, allowances and payments

ServiceText to 150
Make a credit or debit card payment

CR + last four digits of your card + amount you want to pay (between £5 and £95) + security number on back of card

e.g. CR 1234 5 321

Or try our new option text PAY and follow the prompts

Please make sure you have your registered card with you

Get information on your balance and allowances including data usageBALANCE
Check bill amount and recent paymentsBILL

Text services for roaming

ServiceText to 150
Check your device is set up to use abroadROAMING
Find out roaming ratesRO + country
Check for add-ons to call abroadCALL + country
Activate Travel Data Pass

Spend Cap text services

ServiceText to 150
Find out more about Spend CapSPEND CAP
Add a Spend CapADD SPEND CAP
Change an existing Spend CapCHANGE SPEND CAP
Pause an existing Spend CapPAUSE SPEND CAP
Remove an existing Spend CapREMOVE SPEND CAP

Text services for offers

ServiceText to 150
Select TNT Sports as an add-onSPORT
Start free six-month trial for Apple MusicMUSIC

Or text STREAM if you already have Apple Music and just want to enjoy six months of Apple Music data streaming on EE.
Check eligibility for UNiDAYS perksSTUDENT
Select Inclusive Extras as part of your smart planPICK
Select TNT Sports as a Inclusive Extra after texting PICKSPORT
Select EE Video Pass as a Inclusive Extra after texting PICKVIDEO
Select EE Music Pass as a Inclusive Extra after texting PICKMUSIC PASS
Select EE Gamer's Pass as a Inclusive Extra after texting PICKGAME PASS
Select Apple News+ as a Inclusive Extra after texting PICKNEWSPLUS
Select Apple Arcade as a Inclusive Extra after texting PICKARCADE
Select Amazon Prime Video as an add-onPRIME VIDEO

Text services to set up an eSIM or smartwatch

ServiceText to 150
Guide on how to set up a smartwatchWATCH
Guide on how to set up an eSIMESIM

Get more account information

Need to know

You can also find out more information about your account, plan, data allowances, additional payments or offers in the EE app, or by logging in to EE.

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