Mobile workforce management made easy

What is Field Link?

Field Link (previously Orange Fleet Link) is a modular mobile workforce management solution designed around your business. It uses real-time business data to help you locate, support and deploy your employees more effectively.

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Why get Field Link?

Work more efficiently

Our software is easy to implement and use, so you’ll save on expensive hardware and time-consuming training. Plus, Field Link provides visibility of your business activities, route optimisation and real-time mobile data. So you'll be able to minimise employee downtime and increase productivity and overall business efficiency.

Field Link gives you:

  • Freedom from time-consuming and expensive paperwork
  • Optimised routes and scheduling for mobile workers
  • Completion of more jobs per day
  • GPS Tracking, Workforce Scheduling, Service & Asset Management and Mobility Apps from a single supplier

Control your costs

Field Link helps reduce costs associated with excess mileage, fuel, calls between staff, penalties for missing SLAs, paperwork, parts and more. Thanks to effective scheduling, you could save on repeat customer visits and eliminate the cost of paper too.

Field Link gives you:

  • Improved first-time fix rates
  • Easy, seamless integration with existing systems
  • A single platform, modular mobile workforce management solution configured to your business needs
  • Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution - giving you the ability to adapt and expand the solution to meet your needs both now and in the future

Improve service levels

With real-time visibility of all your business activity and efficient resource scheduling, you’ll be able to provide customers with the information they need and quickly resolve issues. Efficient scheduling and reliable communication makes your employees’ job easier, improves customer retention and  increases new business from positive referrals.

Field Link gives you:

  • Business continuity, disaster recovery and full audit history
  • Accurate service windows and real-time information for customers
  • Management reporting and graphical analysis of your business data to fuel continued improvements

Field Link packages

GPS Tracking Pack

Easy-to-use GPS Tracking solutions give you complete visibility of your vehicles at all times. You’ll be able to control fuel costs, improve security and automate time and attendance.

Workforce Scheduling Pack

Our tiered scheduling software uses your real-time business data to work out the best resource for each job based on location, skill set, parts required, service levels and more.

Service & Asset Management Pack

Access asset, contract, warranty and service entitlement information quickly and easily. Plus, stay in control of your business operations with central storage of your customer data.

Mobility Apps Pack

Provide your mobile workers in the field with access to real-time customer information and work instructions. Online and offline capabilities make sure you always capture the details to complete every job efficiently.

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The technical bit

Scheduling and route optimisation

  • Web-based Software-as-a-Service
  • SSL encrypted secure
  • Five levels available, from drag and drop Gantt to automatic fully route optimised
  • Web service API integration with existing systems
  • Configurable business logic – skills, SLAs, parts, etc.

Mobility apps

  • Fully configurable workflow driven app
  • Full offline, seamless coverage user experience
  • Rugged - Windows Mobile, Android 2.3 or later
  • Android, iOS or Windows Smartphone BYOD for subcontractors
  • Binary Token Push Protocol – maximum coverage, minimum data
  • Signature capture, photographs, integrated telephone and satellite navigation

GPS tracking

  • Type-approved by the Vehicle Certification Agency
  • One hour on-site installation
  • No visible antennae
  • Suitable for 12v or 24v vehicles
  • Low current consumption with automatic standby
  • Daily automatic self-check

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