Setting up 4GEE Home Broadband on pay monthly

It's as easy as 1-2-3

Insert your SIM

Put your EE SIM in your Home Broadband router. You'll find the SIM slot on the bottom of the device.

Plug in your router

Plug in your router and press down on the top of the device to turn on your superfast 4GEE broadband.

Connect your devices

Search for the network using your phone, tablet or other device. The network name and password are on your Keep Me card. The name will look something like this: ‘MYWIFIXXXX’.

Make the most of 4GEE Home Broadband

Maximise your signal

To get the best broadband signal, make sure you put the router as near to a window as possible. And ideally away from the wall and any big pieces of furniture.

Need more data?

If you run out of data, you should see a page pop up for you to buy more.  If not, simply go to to buy more.

Create a EE account

Sign up to EE for the easiest way to stay on top of your billing, usage and add-ons and get answers to your questions from our online help. Register online or text APP to 150 to download the app to your phone.