How do I make payments and top-up my 4GEE WiFi?

It’s easy to make payments and top-up your 4GEE WiFi account.

Payments and billing

There are different ways you can make or set-up a payment.

You can view your bill online and find out more about your bill charges.

Price guides and plans

The amount you pay will depend on which plan you've taken out. You can view our 4GEE WiFi price plans and find out more about our shared plans below.

Topping up your 4GEE WiFi

You can top-up with a credit or debit card at any time.

  1. log in to EE
  2. select top-up
  3. select the amount you want to top-up
  4. enter your payment card details, review and confirm

Or call us to top-up by credit or debit card or redeem an e-voucher.

  • call 150 from your EE phone or 07953 966 250 from any phone
  • choose top-up and follow the instructions

We accept Visa, MasterCard and Maestro UK credit and debit cards. Payments are managed by Vesta, EE’s trusted payment partner, so the name Vesta will appear on your bank or credit card statement as Vesta EE Top Up along with an 0808 free of charge helpline telephone number.

> More ways to top up

Checking your credit

You can check your credit balance and any allowances at any time.

Help with failed top-ups

We will always text you to confirm when a top-up is successfully added.

If your credit hasn't updated within 24 hours please call us.

  • call 150 from your EE phone
  • call 07953 966 250 from any phone

Paying by finance

We partner with Barclays Partner Finance so you can pay for your tablet on finance.

What's it all about

  • there are no upfront costs, you simply spread the cost over 24 months with a finance agreement from Barclays Partner Finance
  • you can settle your agreement at any point, with no penalties
  • once your tablet’s paid off, you'll only be paying for your data each month
  • you can upgrade your tablet after six months with no early upgrade fees.

How it works

  • you take out two 24-month contracts – one with EE for the 4GEE data, the other with Barclays Partner Finance for the finance agreement covering the tablet
  • finance is provided by Barclays Partner Finance and covers the cost of the tablet
  • the 4GEE data plan covers the cost of accessing the UK's biggest and fastest 4GEE network so you can use your tablet on the move
  • if you decide to pay off your finance agreement early, you'll still need to pay for your data plan
  • paying by finance is only available to existing customers buying tablet plans bought over the phone and who meet Barclays Partner Finance eligibility criteria.

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