View your EE Broadband bill

Information on what is shown in your EE Broadband bill and the ways you can view it.

This article is for EE Broadband that uses the latest EE Smart Hub (2023). If you have any other EE hub, get help with your broadband bill here.

Your first EE Broadband bill


We’ll text or email you when your first EE Broadband bill is ready to view. You can change your monthly broadband bill dates after your first bill has been paid. If you’ve asked for a paper bill, we’ll send it to your address.

First EE Broadband bill after moving from BT

If you recently switched/moved from BT Broadband to EE Broadband, and have a Smart Hub (2023), your bill will look different, but you'll see all of the information you need on your broadband charges and payments.

If it's your first bill having moved from BT to EE, get help with your first EE broadband bill.

Your broadband bill at a glance

Each broadband bill will show:

  • your standard monthly plan charge
  • charges for all of your products and services
  • whether your bill is due, paid or overdue.

Your broadband bill in more detail

You can also see:

  • charges for calling or texting numbers not included in your Digital Home Phone plan
  • charges for TV series or films you've bought or rented
  • other charges for upgrading, changing or adding to your plan
  • all your bills from the last few months
  • your estimated next bill
  • how to change your bill settings, your billing address and more.

How can I view and pay my bill?

If you’ve set up a Direct Debit, we’ll take your payment automatically on the date shown on your bill.

You can view and pay your broadband bills at any time:

  1. Open the EE app
  2. Go to Manage - Bills & Payments
  3. Scroll down the page and follow the link to make a payment.

How can I make changes to my bill?

  1. Open the EE app
  2. Go to Manage - Bills & Payments
  3. Scroll down to the link to change your billing address or change your bill date.

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