View my home broadband bill

It's easy to view and understand your home broadband bills.

How can I view my home broadband bill?

To view your current, and previous, home broadband bills:

  • Open the EE App
  • Go to Manage - Bills & Payments

If you’re struggling to see your previous bills on a mobile phone or tablet device, try logging in to your EE account from a desktop computer or laptop.

Need to know

We won't bill you directly for on demand content or other subscription services - each content provider will bill you directly.

What does my home broadband bill look like?

When you receive your bill, it will be laid out as follows:

Bill summary

A quick overview of your bill and charge. We’ll always show you what you paid previously and the details of your latest payment. 

Your last bill - we’ll always show you what you paid previously and the details of your latest payment.

This bill - if you’ve set up a Direct Debit, the total amount due will be debited on or after the date shown. If you haven’t set up a Direct Debit, we’ll let you know when your payment is due.

Your recent monthly bills - this shows your last three bills and the amounts. Your new bill is VAT inclusive.

Don’t want to get lost in the numbers? This summary uses colours to show what you’re paying for. The bullet points below each section highlight when there’s a new charge or credit. 

Monthly broadband charges include all regular charges under your current plan, including recurring add-ons, minus any discount.

Extra charges are the total of any usage that exceeds your allowance, as well as any one-off charges and credits. You’ll be able to find more details in the ‘How we worked out your bill’ section.

Where to go for help - and other useful information

This page will vary depending on how you pay. It includes information on how to get in touch or if you need your bill in a different format.

What's happened since your last bill?

This page appears when there's been activity since your last bill such as payments, adjustments or refunds.

How we worked out your bill

Find information on what's in your bill here. On the left-hand side of your bill you can see what’s included in your plan and any add-ons you’ve got.

There’s also a clear breakdown of how your bill is worked out.

What you've used - the detail

This shows your usage within allowance, colour-coded in blue. If there are any out-of-allowance charges, these will be shown in yellow.

Landline usage is listed by day, in the order you made the calls. Calls within your allowance have a tick next to them.

This page also shows any additional charges. For example, if you’ve had a new line engineer visit or new equipment.

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