Setting up 4G Home Broadband on pay as you go

It's as easy as 1-2-3

Insert your SIM

Put your EE SIM in your 4G Home Broadband router. You'll find the SIM slot on the bottom of the device.

Plug in your router

Plug in your router and press down on the top of the device to turn on your superfast 4GEE broadband.

Connect your devices

Search for the network using your phone, tablet or other device. The network name and password are on your Keep Me card. The name will look something like this: ‘MYWIFIXXXX’.

Create a EE account

Sign up to EE for the easiest way to stay on top of your billing, usage and add-ons and get answers to your questions from our online help. Register online or text APP to 150 to download the app to your phone.

Easy ways to top up and stay online

Top up to keep going

If you've enough credit to buy your next add-on, there'll be little interruption to your browsing when you run out. You can top up online using the link below.

Top up >

Add more data

When you run out of data you'll see a link pop up for you to buy more. Choose from a range of data allowances to suit you, from 500MB to 10GB.

View data add-ons >

Find your mobile broadband number

You'll need to know your mobile broadband number to top up. You can find it in three places - on the box, on the SIM packaging, and at the top of the page where you activate your data pass.