Nano SIMs

Get help with activating your nano SIM, swapping your SIM and what to do if you’re having trouble with your nano SIM.

What is a nano SIM?

Nano SIMs are starting to become an industry standard for new devices, in particular Apple phones and tablets - they are the smallest size out of the three types of SIM card.

What phones use nano SIMs?

Examples of phones that use nano SIMs are:

  • Apple - iPhone 5 and onwards
  • Apple - iPad mini, 2 and onwards
  • Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+
  • Huawei P8, P9, P10 and variants
  • LG G6, LG G5, LG K8, LG K10 and variants
  • HTC - One (M8) HTC Desire 610

What is the difference between a micro SIM and a nano SIM?

The main difference between a micro SIM and a nano SIM is the size. As device manufacturers are packing more and more technology into our phones, there is less space available. Becoming increasingly efficient with parts such as SIM cards is very important. 

How do you convert a nano SIM to a micro SIM?

Our nano and micro SIM adaptor pack with SIM removing tool is the quick and easy way of converting a nano SIM to a micro SIM or a micro SIM to a full-sized SIM. 

Not found what you’re looking for? We have a full SIM section in Help on the EE website. This is the best place to start, and provides lots of hints, tips and practical help.

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