How do I add another phone to my plan?

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Looking to treat yourself (or someone else) to another device or SIM? Here’s how.

How do I add another device or SIM to my account?

How do I add another device or SIM to my account?

Adding another device or SIM to your account is easy. 

And the best part? Because you’re already with EE, you get a 10% discount on:

  • all pay monthly tablets and plans
  • regular and Extra plans with selected phones
  • 12-month SIM only plans at £12.99 and above
  • any 4GEE WiFi plan that’s 12 months or longer

To add another plan to your account, either:

It’s worth remembering a few things when adding another plan to your account:

  • you must always have a plan on your account without a discount. This is known as your qualifying plan
  • if you cancel your qualifying plan, the 10% saving will be removed from the oldest plan on your account. Or from the most expensive if two or more of your oldest accounts started on the same date
  • the discount applies to your monthly plan, not any other charges
  • any price increases will be based on the full cost of your plan

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Last updated: 17/4/2018
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Glad to hear it.

Thank you.

Glad to hear it.

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