How to end your BT Sport Subscription

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We’ll let you know when your subscription is coming to an end and when you’ll start being charged £15 a month to view on multiple devices, including the large screen.

BT Sport and coronavirus (Covid-19)

How to cancel

As you'll be aware, there are no major sporting events taking place around the world right now due to the ongoing coronavirus crisis.

In the absence of any live action, we're screening a selection of BT Sport Films - a fantastic catalogue of acclaimed feature-length documentaries from our award-winning team.

But we'll fully understand if you want to cancel your BT Sport subscription until live sport resumes.

Please note: If you cancel part-way through a three month BT Sport free trial, you will not be able to re-apply for another three month free BT Sport trial. Partially-completed free trial periods can't be re-started once cancelled.

How to cancel

How to cancel

You can cancel your BT Sport add-on through My EE or by:


    texting STOP SPORT to 150

You won’t be charged for this within your free period.

You will then be asked to either:

    text STOP LARGE or STOP BIG SCREEN to stop your large-screen service and keep BT Sport access on your mobile only 


    or text STOP SPORT to stop the BT Sport app, BT Sport large-screen service and BT Sport Ultimate. 


Please note: if you cancel the app after your three-month free offer has ended, you’ll pay for the BT Sport service up until your next bill date.

Please note: if you cancel BT Sport in a Box before the odder has ended, you will not be refunded for your 3 or 6 month commitment period.

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