Netflix through EE mobile

Find out more about accessing Netflix as EE mobile customer including how to get it as Inclusive Extra and how to upgrade from your Basic plan.

How do I get Netflix on EE?

Netflix is available as an Inclusive Extra when you take any Android phone, any SIM, or any tablet/laptop on a pay monthly plan which includes at least one Inclusive Extra.

How do I activate my Netflix Inclusive Extra?

Once you've chosen Netflix as an Inclusive Extra at checkout, you'll get a text from EE and a text from Netflix with an activation link. This link is valid for 7 days. You'll need to follow this link which will allow you to activate your Netflix service.

What if I already have an account with Netflix?

When you activate your Netflix Inclusive Extra, you'll be asked to enter your email address. If you have an existing Netflix account, make sure you use the same email address to activate the Inclusive Extra, otherwise you'll continue to be charged separately for your existing Netflix account. You'll then be asked to confirm which Netflix plan you'd like to continue with.

That's all you need to do! You can continue to use your Netflix account details and your bill from Netflix will swap over to your EE bill.

If you end your EE plan, your Netflix plan will continue, and Netflix will resume billing via your previous method of payment.

What if I already have Netflix through another provider?

If you pay for your Netflix subscription through another provider, you may need to cancel this subscription with them to avoid duplicate payments.

If your Netflix subscription is part of an inclusive bundle with a third party, you may continue to be charged via that third party.

How much does it cost to upgrade my Netflix Inclusive Extra?

Your Inclusive Extra includes the Basic Netflix plan. Once you've activated it, you can upgrade from Basic to Standard for an extra £4 a month, or from Basic to Premium for an extra £9 a month.

  • Basic - watch on unlimited devices, only one device at a time
  • Standard - watch on unlimited devices, only two devices at a time, in HD
  • Premium - watch on unlimited devices, on four devices at the same time, in 4K Ultra HD

How do I upgrade my Netflix Inclusive Extra?

When you activate the Netflix Inclusive Extra, you'll be given the option to upgrade from Netflix Basic to Standard or Premium.

You can also upgrade at any point while your Netflix Inclusive Extra is active by logging into EE.

How do I cancel my Netflix Inclusive Extra?

To cancel Netflix as an Inclusive Extra:

  • log in to EE or use the EE app
  • go to Menu > Plans, Smart Benefits & add-ons
  • select Smart Benefits and follow the steps to remove or choose the pass

If you're an existing user of Netflix and you cancel your Netflix Inclusive Extra, your Netflix plan will continue and Netflix will resume billing your previous payment method.

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