Data Rollover

What is Data Rollover?

Data Rollover is a great benefit on EE pay as you go. If you haven’t used all the data in your 30-day pay as you go pack, we’ll add it to the next one you buy so you get another chance to use it. If your next pack doesn’t start straight away, we’ll still add the leftover data as long as you start it within seven days.


Which pay as you go packs include Data Rollover?

Our new range of packs come with Data Rollover.

Data Rollover packs
Pack NameDataMinutesTexts DurationText to 150
£10 Pack 8GB  500 Unlimited 30 days PACK10
£15 Pack 25GB  Unlimited Unlimited 30 days PACK15
£20 Pack 50GB Unlimited
 Unlimited 30 days PACK20
£30 Pack 125GB Unlimited Unlimited 30 days PACK30

If you're still on one of our older packs, please check your terms and conditions to find your Data Rollover eligibility.

How do I get Data Rollover?

Anytime you buy a new eligible pack (or even if you’re already using one), any remaining data will roll over to your next pack if you pay for the new pack within seven days. 

How can I keep track of my Data Rollover?

Each time you buy another pack we’ll send you a text to let you know it’s started and whether any leftover data has been rolled over from your last pack. To see exactly how much you have left, as well as your other allowances:

  • Log in to EE (or download the EE app from your device’s app store)
  • text AL to 150
  • text ROLLOVER to 150

What data can roll over?

Whatever’s left over from your main data allowance on your last pack rolls over to your new one. For example, if you buy a £15 Pack with 15GB and use 10GB, 5GB will roll over to your next pack. So, the following month you'll have 20GB (15GB + 5GB rolled-over data).

We’ll continue to add your Free Boosts on top of any rolled-over data and your standard pack allowance, so you get even more data to use each month. Your available Free Boost allowance will not roll over.

What if I don’t renew my pack – will my data still roll over?

No. You’ll need to renew your pack within seven days of its expiry date to get your Data Rollover.

If I change pack, will I get my Data Rollover?

You'll only get your Data Rollover if you remain on an eligible pack. If you move onto an ineligible pack you won’t be able to keep your Data Rollover.

The legal bit

Data Rollover: If you have not used all of the data allowance in your Pack when the Pack ends the unused data will be added to the next Pack that you buy. You cannot roll over data from add-ons or Free Boosts.  Applies to 30-day Pay as you go Packs with a data allowance of 100MB or more only. You must buy a new qualifying Pack within 7 days of the expiry of the original Pack with unused data to qualify for Data Rollover. Rollover data lasts for the duration of the Pack Validity Period (i.e. 30 days) so will not roll over a second time if you do not use it up. Your data allowance will be applied in the following order for each Pack: (1) Rollover data, (2) core pack allowance (3) Free Boosts.


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