EE Free Boosts

Find out everything you need to know about EE Free Boosts.

What's a Free Boost?

With our new range of packs, you get a Free Boost of data to your allowances every two pack purchases up to a total of six boosts. That’s a whole year of Free Data Boosts being added to your allowance! Keep getting more data to do more of what you love. It’s our way of saying thanks for being on EE.

It’s even easier to get Free Boosts when you set up direct card payments with your credit or debit card by logging in to EE – your pack automatically renews each month and you keep earning available Free Boosts, as well as getting 10% off your pack price.

Pay as you go packsFree Boost
30-day packs from £10 and up500MB

If you're still on one of our older pay as you go packs, your current Free Boost options remain the same as when you purchased your pack. 

You can view these options by logging in to EE or by texting BOOST to 150.

We will prompt you when you're logged in to EE and by text when it's time to choose your Free Boost.

Choosing your Free Boost

With our new range of packs, your Free Data Boosts will be applied automatically every two months up to the maximum of six.

If you’re on one of our older packs, you’ll get a text when it’s time to choose your Free Boost and then you need to:

Getting more Free Boosts

With our new packs, you'll keep getting Free Data Boosts up to a maximum of 3GB as long as you keep buying packs.

For example:

  1. you buy two 30-day packs (£10 or above)
  2. you get your 500MB Free Boost
  3. you buy two more 30-day packs (£10 or above)
  4. you get yourself another 500MB data boost
  5. you now have 1GB of free data, on top of your normal pack allowance

Keeping track of your Free Boosts

To keep track of your Free Boosts:

We’ll also text you to let you know when you can choose your next Free Boost.

Important things to remember

Gaps between packs

If you have a gap between your pack purchases, we’ll pause counting towards your next Free Boost and carry on as soon as you buy your next pack. 

Changing packs

If you change from a 30-day pack (£10 or above) to a 30-day pack less than £10, you will lose any of the six boosts you have earned.

If you move from a 30-day pack less than £10 to a valid 30-day pack that is £10 or higher, you will be able to earn Free Data Boosts once again.

Legacy and 2020 customers

If you move from an older pack to our newer pack range, you will not lose any boosts you have already earned on your allowance. Once you have moved to our newer packs, you will be subject to the new Free Boost rules as laid out above and will be able to earn an additional six boosts on top of your allowance.

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