How do I unlock an EE device to use with another network?

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We've been selling our devices unlocked lately, but if you bought yours from us a while ago - it might be "locked" to EE. This means it won't work with another mobile network's SIM card.


No matter when you bought them - these devices are already unlocked:

  • All Google Pixel devices
  • All Oppo devices
  • All OnePlus devices

How do I unlock my device?

How do I unlock my device?

You can easily unlock your device right now online, free of charge.

Even if you're unsure if device is unlocked already - just hit the button below to quickly check.

You'll need your device's IMEI handy. 

Check if your Apple phone is unlocked

Text UNLOCK to 150 to check if it's unlocked.

Does it cost anything?

Does it cost anything?

Nope. There used to be a charge to unlock a device, say if it was still in contract. Now you can unlock your device free of charge no matter what.

What's an IMEI?

What's an IMEI?

An International Mobile Equipment Identity (IMEI) is a 15-digit number that's unique to your device. It's a way to identify that specific device. Think of it as your device's National Insurance number. You'll need your device's IMEI to unlock it.

Where can I find my IMEI?

The easiest way is to dial *#06* on your device's keypad. So pretend you're calling someone who has that as their phone number. This will pop up a box with the IMEI in it.

Once you have your IMEI - you can check if your device is unlocked online. 

If two IMEIs show up - your device is probably unlocked already. But if you're checking online - try both IMEIs. 

Otherwise you can find it on the packaging your device came in. Sometimes it's printed on the device itself. 

What do all these words mean?

What do all these words mean?


    device: phone, iPad or tablet


    locked: a device locked to a network. It won't work with other networks' SIM cards


    partially unlocked: an Apple device that's been unlocked on our end. It's waiting for the customer to insert a non-EE SIM into the device and follow the on-screen steps to complete the process


    unlocked: a device which has been unlocked to use on any mobile network


    unlock code: given to Android customers to unlock their device. Apple devices don't need one


    IMEI: 15-digit number that identifies a specific device

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