Phone disablement

New from October 2016 - Google SIM Lock

Some Android devices bought under a monthly contract directly from EE now feature Google SIM Lock which locks the device to the EE network for the length of the contract from the day of activation. This will only allow the device to work on the EE network.

If another network’s SIM is inserted into the device, it will display the message 'SIM card isn’t supported, ask EE if this device can be unlocked. Tap for contact details.'

If your phone it stolen

EE has new software to disable phones that have been stolen. 

So if your phone shows the message starting: “This phone has been disabled by EE…” then this phone has been reported as having been obtained by fraud. That means you won't be able to make calls or access data on the phone.

Making an emergency call

You can make an emergency call when your phone is disabled.

To do this, use the button at the bottom of the screen, which will take you to the keypad.

What to do if your phone has been disabled

If you bought the phone in the UK from EE and believe it has been disabled by mistake, you can ask for this action to be reviewed.

To do this, call the customer service number on our Get in touch page.

If you bought the phone from someone else, you'll need to contact them to tell them it's been disabled and to ask for a refund or replacement.

If you're unsuccessful, you can ask us to investigate. We'll ask you to provide details about how you bought the phone. Then we can look into whether it should be re-enabled. You'll get a response within five business days. Only EE can re-enable the phone.

Consumer help

For more on how you can help to protect yourself from crime and other dangers, check these links:

  • CheckMEND - before you buy a phone in the UK, you can check that it's not stolen.
  • Immobilise - this site will help police return your phone if it's stolen.
  • Action Fraud UK – use this if you believe you've been sold a phone as a result of a crime or fraud.
  • Out Of Your Hands - help for parents and teachers of young people about going online and using mobile phone apps.

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