EE TV App problems on Apple TV 4K

Check your broadband network

Broadband problems may affect the EE TV App on your Apple TV 4K box. You can check for local network problems and test your home broadband connection.

Check for broadband problems

Check the signal strength of your Apple TV 4K box to your hub - if the signal strength is weak, try to move them closer or use a wired connection.

If you have Complete WiFi try moving a WiFi device closer to the Apple TV box.

Channels will not play

If you see a blank screen or an error when using the EE TV App, try the following steps to fix it:

  1. Check you're subscribed to the channel - you'll get an on-screen message if you're not.
  2. Close the EE TV app and open it again.
  3. Turn the Apple TV 4K box off and on.
  4. Make sure you've got the latest versions of Apple TV and the EE TV App.
  5. Try another app to see if it's just the EE TV App not working. If other apps are not working, it might be a WiFi problem.
  6. Check for broadband problems.

On-demand content not loading

In the EE TV App, some search results may open up another app (BBC iPlayer for example).

If the content does not load, try opening the app (the one the show is in, not the EE TV App) and searching for it there.

If the content is available on EE TV Player and not playing, try closing and opening the app again. If this does not work, restart the Apple TV 4K box.

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If you're still having problems after trying to fix them, it might be related to your account. Give us a call on:

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