Fix problems with Apple TV 4K

Connection issues

Read Apple’s support if you’re having connection issues with your Apple TV 4K.

Check Apple’s system status page for service interruptions or find out how to contact a tvOS app developer if a TV app is not working.

No power or picture

If your Apple TV box doesn't turn on or shows a black screen, follow these steps from Apple.

Listening to radio

Your Apple TV box is set to go into sleep mode when inactive. To stop this happening when listening to radio channels:

  • from the Apple TV home screen go to Settings
  • then General
  • then Screen Saver
  • select No for 'Show during music and podcasts'

Sound problems

If you’re having sound problems, check the sound settings on your Apple TV box.

Apple TV warning symbols

Update or reset Apple TV

Set your Apple TV to update automatically or follow the steps to update manually.

Apple has a guide on how to reset or restore your Apple TV box.

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