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Many smartphones today allow you to bring your messages to life with pictures, animations and many more features that could be sent as picture messages (also known as MMS). If you are charged for a picture message and you didn’t realise you sent one it might be for new features on your device including services such as the iPhones heartbeats, sketches and Animojis which will be sent as a picture message.

See more information about picture messages here.

Your best alternative to avoid unexpected charges on your bill is to buy a picture messaging add-on. 

What you get with the picture messaging add-on

This picture messaging add-on allows you to send up to 200 picture messages within the UK each month.

What you get Length of add-on Allowance
Monthly cost Equivalent out of bundle rate
200 picture messages to send from the UK to anyone within the UK 1 month
200 picture messages £6 (that's just 3p per message)  50p per picture message

Buying and removing add-ons

The fastest way to buy this add-on is by texting 200MMS to 150.

Alternatively, you can buy this add-on in My EE or via the My EE app.

You can also call 150* and speak to one of our advisors or pop into any EE store.

This add-on will stay on your account until you decide to remove it and the allowance will refresh on your bill date. If you don’t use all the allowance, any unused minutes won't roll over into the next month.

You can buy a mixture of different add-ons if you like, and you can also buy more than one of the same add-on. For example, you can have a picture messaging add-on and a calling abroad add-on or, if you want to send even more picture messages, you can buy this add-on twice.

How you’ll be charged for this Add-on

When buying this add-on part way through your billing cycle, you'll receive the full allowance, but you'll only be charged for the remaining part of the month.

On your bill, you'll see the partial charge for your first month as well as a full charge for next month. The following month your bill will show a single charge for the month ahead.

If you decide to remove this add-on, you’ll still be able to use any remaining minutes up until your bill date, when the add-on will expire.

This add-on will be displayed as 200 UK Picture Msg Add-on within the add-on section of your bill.

Terms and conditions (.pdf 220 KB) >

Charges may apply when calling 150

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