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First things first: if your phone came with a free 10GB allowance, you can activate this by going to on your phone. This page will open automatically the first time you open a browser window. Then you're free to  browse to your heart's content.

Once that runs out or expires, you'll need to buy a data add-on. Choose from 100MB up to 10GB. All last up to 30 days and all come with superfast 4GEE speeds. Plus, add-ons of 2GB or more come with access to our double speed 4GEE, which goes up to 60Mb/sec (our top speed is faster than most people's average Fibre Broadband).

Buying a data add-on

You can buy data add-ons quickly and easily on your phone at

  1. Make sure you have some credit – if not, just top up.
  2. Open a browser window on your phone.
  3. If you're out of data, the first thing you'll see is a page with the data add-ons available to buy – along with details of your current credit.
  4. Choose the data add-on you want, buy it with your credit and start browsing. Easy.

4GEE pay as you go phone data add-on options

 200MB  500MB  1GB  2GB  4GB  10GB
 £2  £4  £7  £13  £19  £22

It's easy to check your usage by logging into My EE or opening the My EE app.Checking your usage

Log in to My EE

It's impossible to go over your data limit. If your data runs out, you simply buy more – no hidden charges here. And because you're not tied to a specific amount every month, if you find you're using more or less data than you originally thought you can just change the amount you buy.

We'll send you a warning when you've used up 80% of your data allowance, but you can check your data usage at any time at, or in the My EE app.

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