Data boosts: EE Broadband and 4GEE Home

Boosting your mobile data with our broadband plans

If you’ve got an EE pay monthly phone plan or 12-month SIM only plan, we’ll boost your phone’s monthly data allowance by an extra 5GB.

If you’re after our 20GB Data Boost then find out more here.

When you sign up to one of our broadband or 4GEE Home broadband packages and you’ve got an EE pay monthly phone plan or 12-month SIM plan, we’ll boost your monthly data allowance by 5GB - worth £12.99 every month.

Here’s how it works:

How do I qualify for Data Boost?

If you have an EE pay monthly mobile plan or a 12-month SIM plan, you’ll qualify for a 5GB data boost when you sign up for EE broadband or 4GEE Home broadband.  

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You'll keep the 5GB Data Boost as long as you're an EE broadband or 4GEE Home Broadband customer and have an eligible EE mobile plan or SIM plan*. 

Sorry, but you won’t get the boost if you’re on a 4GEE WiFi or tablet plan or if you’re a T-Mobile or Orange customer.

*Not available with 30 day SIM only plans or non-lead sharer plans.

Can I choose which number on my account gets the boost?

No. Only the broadband account holder can get the boost. So, make sure you give us your number when you sign up.

When will I get my Data Boost?

It can take up to 30 days after your home or 4GEE home broadband account goes live for your boost to kick in.

We'll send you a text to let you know when it's done.

Can I use my Data Boost abroad?

Yes, your boost can be used in 48 European destinations. Data fair use policy may apply when roaming.

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Can I share the boost if I’m on a sharer plan?

Yes. As long as the boost is added to the account holder's plan.

If I’m already a broadband customer, can I still get a boost?

Yes, you'll get the boost automatically when you sign up for one of our new broadband or 4GEE Home broadband  packages. Or alternatively, if you weren’t on a monthly phone plan or 12-mont SIM package and upgrade your mobile contract to one of these, we’ll also add data boost onto your account. To discuss your options about joining EE Broadband, just give us a call.

We’re also giving the boost to some of our existing home broadband customers with an eligible mobile account, so keep an eye out for a text from EE.

Why have I been sent a text saying my boost has been removed?

If you change your mobile or broadband plan  we may remove or change the data boost you receive.

Also if you cancel your EE broadband or 4GEE Home Broadband contract we’ll remove the boost from you mobile plan.

Can I switch the boost to another number?

Sorry, but you can’t switch boosts to another number. The data boost will be applied to the same number we use to contact you with important information about your home broadband account. 

So, it's important to make sure you give us the right number and it’s kept up to date in My EE.

Why is the 5GB data boost worth £12.99? 

The 5GB data boost is based on the value of our 5GB add-on, which costs £12.99* and lasts up to a month for a pay monthly customer. 

*Calculation based on pricing as at 26 June 2018.

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