What are pay as you go and Flex plan add-ons?

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What are add-ons?

What are add-ons?

An ‘add-on’ is a bundle of minutes, texts or data that you can buy using your debit or credit card or top-up credit, to give you better value than our standard rates.

You can buy an add-on if you run out of one or more of your allowances.

Don’t worry, if you ever run out of data we won’t charge you any further – we’ll let you know once you run out and give you an option to buy more, if you need it.


    add-ons start as soon as you buy them and last for either seven or 30 days


    if part of your pack or plan runs out, you’ll still be able to buy minutes, texts or data add-ons to see you through till your new pack or plan starts


    we’ll text you when your add-on has run out or come to the end of its seven or 30-day period


    you can buy an add-on by logging into My EE, downloading the My EE App, texting ADDONS to 150 or calling 150

Types of add-on

Types of add-on










    call abroad

Remember, you’ll need to have a registered debit or credit card or top-up credit available to buy your add-ons. Flex plan customers get unlimited texts.

How to buy add-ons

How to buy add-ons


You can buy add-ons when you log in to My EE and go to Menu > Packs and add-ons, or Menu > Plans and add-ons if you’re on a Flex plan.

Set up card payments and you can pay simply and easily. Or you can choose to pay by topping up your credit.

Text us

Send one of these messages free to 150 from your EE phone:


100MB Data for 7 days (£1.50) Text: 100MB WEEK to 150

500MB Data for 7 days (£3) Text: 500MB WEEK to 150

500MB Data for 30 days (£5) Text: 500MB to 150

1GB Data for 30 days (£7.50) Text: 1GB to 150

3GB Data for 30 days (£15) Text: 3GB to 150


100 minutes for 7 days (£3) Text: 100 MINS WEEK to 150

100 minutes for 30 days (£5) Text: 100 MINS to 150


200 texts for 7 days (£3) Text: 200 TEXTS WEEK to 150

200 texts for 30 days (£5) Text: 200 TEXTS to 150


You can now use your pack, Free Boost and add-on allowances while roaming in the EU. To find out costs for any country, text RO followed by the country name free to 150.

Call us

Or you can call us on 150 from your EE phone. It’s free if you’re on a Flex plan, 25p if you’re on pay as you go and choose to speak to an advisor.

For more on pay as you go add-on rates, see our non-standard price guides or our Flex plan non-standard price guide.

> Read our pay as you go terms and conditions

> Read our Flex plan terms and conditions

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Last updated: 12/2/2019
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