Am I using my UK allowances when I’m roaming abroad?

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Find out more about whether your data, calls and texts will come out of your UK allowance when you're roaming.

When you’re roaming in the EU all your calls, texts and data will come out of your UK allowance, just as they would at home. 

In non-EU countries, prices vary. Before you go:


    check if your plan lets you use your phone abroad


    check if your device is set up to use abroad – just text ROAMING to 150


    turn on data roaming in your device settings


    make sure your bill’s paid up to date or you’ve got credit

You can check roaming charges in the country you’re going to by texting RO followed by the name of the country to 150 eg RO USA.

Roaming add-ons

Roaming add-ons

You can buy a roaming add-on to save money on calls, texts and mobile data when roaming outside the EU. You can add the Travel Data Pass by texting TRAVEL to 150 or you can buy a standard data pass when you’re abroad by typing in your device’s browser.

> Find out more about roaming add-ons 

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Roaming calculator 

See how much it will cost to call, text or use data, wherever you’re going.

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