How do I set up a wireless connection on my Amazon Kindle?

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Getting started

Getting started

To connect using wireless, you'll need your router's wireless network name and wireless password. You'll find these printed on a sticker on the bottom or back of most routers, as seen in the example below.

Router sticker

It can also help to move close to your router while setting up the connection.

How do I connect to my router?

How do I connect to my router?

To connect an Amazon Kindle to your router, follow the steps below.

1.    Click the Menu button on your Kindle

Amazon Kindle menu button

2.    Scroll down to Settings and press Select

Settings within Amazon Kindle menu display

3.    The scroll buttons are the up, down, left and right facing buttons. Select is the centre button

Amazon Kindle arrow controls

4.    Select view - you'll find this next to WiFi settings

Amazon Kindle settings menu

5.    You may be asked if you want to Turn Wireless On - if so, select OK

Amazon Kindle wireless message

6.    Locate your router in the list of wireless network connections. In the example below, the router is called EE-1a2b3c

7.    If you can't see any wireless networks, try moving closer to your router and checking it's turned on, then highlight rescan and press select

8.    Press down to highlight your router and select connect

Amazon Kindle list of routers

9.    Enter the wireless password for your router

Amazon Kindle wireless password screen

10.    To enter dashes, press the symbol key

Amazon Kindle symbol key

11.    Press the symbol button again to enter letters

12.    Once you've finished entering your wireless password select submit

Amazon Kindle wireless password screen

13.    The Kindle will connect to your router

14.    You'll return to the Settings page - you've successfully set up a connection to your router

Amazon Kindle wireless connection confirmation screen

Experiencing connection problems?

Experiencing connection problems?

You may receive the alert Unable to connect to WiFi network, followed by one of the errors below.


    the password you entered is incorrect or invalid. Select enter password again, making sure you enter the security code correctly


    internet connection failed. Check your router is definitely connected to the internet. If it is, restart the router and Kindle and try again


    your Kindle is unable to connect to the WiFi network. You may have moved out of range of your router. Get a bit closer to it and try again

If you're still having problems, try turning your router off then back on again and restarting your Kindle.

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Last updated: 4/7/2018
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