What do the lights mean?

The lights will tell you if your Hub is starting up correctly when you first switch it on - and also let you know if there are any problems later on.

What your Hub lights mean:

Lights What's happening? What to do
No light The power is off or you’ve turned the lights off
If you haven’t turned the lights off using the Hub Manager, check the Hub’s power button is on, its power cable is plugged in correctly at the mains and power is turned on. If there’s still no light, call us on 0800 079 8586
Green light The Hub is starting up
Wait a couple of minutes for it to start
Flashing yellow light The Hub is connecting to broadband
Give it a minute or two to connect. The light will turn steady aqua when your Hub is ready
Flashing aqua light
The Hub is working but the broadband cable isn’t connected
Check the broadband cable (black with grey ends) is plugged in correctly and you’re using a filter, if needed
Yellow light
The Hub is working but isn’t connected to the internet
Connect a device to your Hub using a cable or WiFi. Open a new web browser window and follow the on-screen help wizard to get connected
Red light
There’s a problem somewhere
  1. Turn your Hub off and on again using the power button. 
  2. If the light still doesn’t turn aqua, use a paperclip to press your Hub’s factory reset button while your Hub is switched on. 
  3. Hold the reset button in for around 20 seconds until the light turns green again. Then release the reset button and wait for the Hub to initialise again. 
  4. If this doesn’t fix it, call us on 0800 079 8586
Aqua light
The Hub is working fine
If you can’t get online, there might be a problem with your computer, tablet or mobile device. Turn it off and then on and try again. If you’ve still got a problem, get some help from the manufacturer or supplier
WPS button and light
If it’s flashing blue, it’s waiting for you to press the WPS button on your computer or device (you’ve got two minutes). If it’s flashing red, it didn’t connect – give it a couple of minutes and try again. No light means that it’s connected successfully.
Last updated: 20/2/2019
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