How do I unblock my phone with a PUK code?

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Here's how to unblock your phone's SIM card

Unblocking your phone

Unblocking your phone

Your phone can become blocked if you enter the wrong SIM card PIN number three times in a row. To unblock your SIM you’ll need a PUK (Personal Unblocking Key) code.

Remember that unblocking is different to unlocking.

> Find out more about unlocking your device

How to get a PUK code

How to get a PUK code

The quickest way to get a PUK code is to log in to My EE:

  1. 1

    Go to Menu >Manage device

  2. 2

    scroll down to Unblock SIM (PUK code)

  3. 3

    select Show PUK code

Once you have your PUK code, enter this into your phone to unblock your SIM.

Please take care when you enter your PUK code into your phone – you'll block your SIM card again if you enter the wrong PUK code ten times in a row.

If you need more help with your PUK code

    call 150 from your EE phone 


    call 07953 966 250 from any phone

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