How to connect your Nintendo Wii

To connect a Nintendo Wii to your router, follow the steps below:

  1. Go to your Wii console's main menu
  2. Click the Wii button in the lower left corner

    Wii menu

  3. Click Wii Settings

    Wii Settings

  4. Click the right facing arrow

    Wii system settings

  5. Click Internet

    click Internet

  6. Click Connection Settings

    Click Connection Settings

  7. Select a connection indicated as None - in the example below we can choose Connection 1

    Click Connection 1

  8. Click Wireless Connection

    Click Wireless Connection

  9. Click Search for access point

    Click Search for access point

  10. The Wii console will search for an access point

    Searching for an access point

  11. Click OK

    Choose the access point you want to connect to

  12. Your router will appear in the list of available wireless networks

    Choose your router

  13. Click to select your router
  14. Click on the Input the password or key field

    Click on the 'Input the password or key' field

  15. Click to enter each character of the security key
  16. Click OK

    click OK

  17. Click OK

    click OK

  18. Click OK to save settings

    click OK

  19. Click OK to start the connection test

    click OK to start a connection test

  20. The Wii console will check if it's connected to your router

    testing connection

  21. If the connection test is successful internet setup is complete - your Wii console is connected

    The connection test was successful

  22. Finally, choose if you'd like to update your Wii console. If you would, click Yes and follow the onscreen prompts


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