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Why do we recycle, refurbish or repackage equipment?

Why do we recycle, refurbish or repackage equipment?

Today we refurbish over 400,000 broadband hubs and TV boxes per year, as well as recycling half a million more – saving 11,400 tonnes of CO2 emissions (equivalent to 6,000 flights from London to Tokyo*) Why?

The answer’s simple: we want to protect the planet.

By refurbishing that kit, we were able to prevent 170 tonnes of electrical waste from going to landfill. (If you find this weight hard to imagine, think of it as 14 double-decker buses.) *

Do the right thing for the environment: send back the equipment you no longer need. We’ll do the rest.

We’re determined to do our bit to protect the planet, so when our equipment’s no longer needed, we recycle or refurbish it for free. 

How to return equipment to us

How to return equipment to us

When we need you to return your equipment we will send you a Returns bag within 7 days. Once you. receive this, follow the included instructions.

If we've asked you to return equipment and you need another bag or need one sending to a different address, you can contact us on 0330 123 1105.


Take it to the Post Office

Attach the returns label to the returns bag and take it to your nearest Post Office.

Keep your proof of postage until we let we know that we've received your equipment. This usually takes about 7 days.


Arrange for Royal Mail to collect from your home

You can book an at-home collection, by picking the day you want them to come and paying a nominal fee. This fee is subject to change, so please check charges on the Royal Mail website to be sure.

When you schedule your collection you'll need to enter the tracked reference from the postage label in your returns bag (it will look something like AB 1111 0000 1C). If you have any questions about your collection contact Royal Mail.


Our stores are only accepting mobile phone returns at the moment, please don't bring your other equipment in. 

If your equipment isn't returned

If your equipment isn't returned

All equipment is provided on a loan basis and must be returned when no longer required otherwise you are liable to the non-return charges listed in the Table below. We will let you know whenever you need to return equipment.​​

The charges below are not applied to any BT equipment supplied before 13th December 2019 or EE equipment supplied prior to April 2023.

EE Products
Device Name Price
Smart Hub £70
Smart Hub Plus £85
Smart WiFi £50
Smart WiFi Plus £50
IP Mini £75
Smart Hybrid Connect £80


Existing BT Products
Device Name Price
BT Home Hub, Smart Hub £43
BT Smart Hub 2 £50
BT Hybrid Connect £63
BT Complete WiFi discs £30 per disc


TV Equipment
Box Type Price
BT TV Box Pro 
BT TV Recordable Box (G4)
BT TV 4K Recordable Box (G5)
BT TV Box (Z4)
BT TV Box Mini £61



You can still return equipment after you're charged

We'll credit you the full amount back to your account if you return equipment to us within 2 years. If your account is closed, we’ll send a cheque to your last known address.


Still need help?

Still need help?

Contact us on 0330 123 1105 if you need help.  


*Source:The Carbon Trust

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