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Enable or Disable SIP ALG

Find out how to Enable or Disable SIP ALG.

SIP ALG is intended to prevent some problems caused by router firewalls by inspecting and if necessary modifying incoming data traffic. In some cases, these modifications can change incoming data packets in unexpected ways and can cause issues such as devices not registering with the router.

Make sure that the device is connected to the PC or Laptop.

  1. Launch a web browser and in the address bar, enter, then click the arrow icon or press Enter.
  2. Click log in here to access settings.
  3. Enter the required username and password, then click Log In.
    Note: The default username and password is admin.
  4. Click Security.
  5. Click SIP ALG Settings.
  6. Untick the Enable SIP ALG box.
  7. Click Apply.

SIP ALG has been disabled.

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