End of contract notification and out of contract discount

When will I get an end of contract notification?

We’ll send you a reminder at least 14 days before your contract ends.

We’ll also tell you what offers, deals and tariffs are available, which are based on your data usage and current price plan.

What are Annual Best Tariff Notifications?

We send Annual Best Tariff Notifications if you've been out of your original contract for at least 12 months and haven’t already made changes or upgraded your original tariff.

The notification recommends a new standard plan and tariffs tailored to your needs. The recommendation is based on your personal usage.

You'll get a notification 12 months after your original contract ended.  

How will I be sent notifications?

If you’re an EE mobile customer we’ll notify you by text, we may write to you in limited cases.

If you’re a EE broadband customer we’ll notify you by letter, in limited cases we may use email.

What is the Out of Contract discount?

Most customers contact us before going out of contract but there will always be a few who don’t and this could result in missing out on good deals.

We want to make sure we provide a fair deal to all customers. If you previously took out a handset with us as part of your original deal and you’ve been out of contract with us for 3 months, we’II offer you a 10% discount, on top of all other discounts like Friends and Family.

Can I get the 10% out of contract discount?

You'II need to be a mobile customer with a handset as part of your plan who has been out of contract for three months or more.

Your contract must have ended after 15th November 2019 if you’ve been out of contract for more than three months.

Why is the 10% discount only for out of contract customers with a handset as part of the plan?

Ofcom have identified customers who are out of contract with a handset as part of their plan, as the key group who need to be focussed on. As agreed with Ofcom, the discount will offer a fairer price to these customers and help encourage them to find the right deals.

Is the 10% out of contract discount offered to BT Mobile and Plusnet customers too?

No. Plusnet don’t offer handset contracts and BT Mobile only started offering contracts with handsets recently, meaning very few customers are out of contract. We’ve worked closely with Ofcom on this and agreed EE out of contract customers should be focused on.

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