Register for an EE ID

You don’t need to use an any EE products to have an EE ID. Even if you’re not an EE customer it’s a great way to gain access to discounts and special offers. If you do have a mobile phone, broadband or any other product with us, you can manage everything in one place.

Create an EE ID

  • To set up an EE ID, head to our log in page, follow the Create account link and enter your email address
  • we’ll send a passcode to check your email is right and then you’ll set your password

Link your account to your EE ID

If you want to link a new EE ID to an existing account, you may need to give us some details to bring them together. Once you’ve created your EE ID, log in and you should be asked to link products automatically. If you need to link additional products afterwards, you can contact us and one of our EE Guides will be able to add the rest.


Mobile customers

We’ll just need your EE mobile number and we’ll send you a text so you can confirm it’s yours - if you prefer you can find your account with your account number instead. 


Broadband customers 

If you have a broadband account you'll need:

  • your account number - you'll find this on your bill
  • some customers will also need to give us a few personal details - your name, contact email and mobile number

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